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Wow what a year it has been. We’ve been learning about so many big news issues over the past three terms. From the Ebola crisis to what will happen in the future you have had us glued to the Burnet News Club to read your fantastic posts and comments.

There has been some excellent posts on the blog this year including an open letter to the Prime Minister, David Cameron.

A letter to David Cameron on immigration and Mental health – The Burnet News Club

After reading this very moving letter David Cameron wrote back! A brilliant achievement proving that your voice will be heard if you use it well. It doesn’t matter how powerful someone might seem, they can still listen to you. David-Cameron-letterWe’ve heard from comedians, cartoonists and journalists who all work in different ways but all have one thing in common, getting their voice heard. They have been very impressed with your posts and we particularly enjoyed hearing from Toby Morris recently who wrote to us after we looked at his cartoon about inequality.   The Pencilsword: On a plate   BURNET NEWS CLUB AWARD WINNERS   wide-image   North Beckton Primary School were the winners of this years 2015 Burnet News Club Award, this school has been posting lots over the last year and have had some excellent discussions on the blog. The best posts were well researched, included links to other news stories and were written clearly. Well done! A ceremony took place at Buckingham Palace and awards were handed out by the Editor of The Economist, Zanny Minton Beddoes. Twenty other young journalists also received awards for making outstanding contributions to the blog.  The special winning prize for North Beckton Primary was a visit to The Economist Tower to make a video report and see how the journalists make The Economist newspaper.   images     BURNET NEWS CLUB HIGHLIGHTS   Journalist Mickey Carroll has been visiting some of your news clubs over the past few months to capture the Burnet News Club in action. She made this fantastic film, please comment on this post to let us know what you think!    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hV316O3Sni0                                                                                                                                                                          THE NEWS SHOW   NS15-header   This year finished with a bang as we celebrated all your hard work at the News Show. We were pleased to see so many of you at the event from schools all over London.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc5ZCxPq-mM   We were so impressed with everyone for getting involved and for thinking of some excellent questions for performers and speakers. Ayshah Tull from BBC Newsround told us more about what it is like to be a journalist and make videos for the BBC.   Scriberia-8_cropped It was brilliant to hear from the poet Hollie McNish and student activist Chrisann Jarrett who both told us that they used to feel shy but had to be brave to make their voice heard and when they were heard they changed the world around them. Hollie changes the world through poetry and Chrisann changes the world by trying to change the laws that she feels are unfair.   NS15_18 There were also some great tweets made by our journalists on the ground who were listening to everything you had to say about the day.     

Economist Foundation on Twitter

Economist Foundation on Twitter
Economist Foundation on Twitter Economist Foundation on Twitter


You all clearly understood a lot about the news and made comments that were well thought through. Particularly good comments were made about freedom of speech and whether people should be able to say what they want. Argument tag wrestling was very lively, we were blown away by your reasoning skills and also by how polite you were with one another. Some of the best comments about whether the news should be happy or serious. Really good arguments were made on both sides.   NS15_12   Scriberia made some incredible drawings throughout the day responding to your comments and conversations.   Scriberia-7_cropped In this drawing you were discussing the Greek financial crisis and how the governments budget would effect people in the UK with persuasive arguments from clear standpoints, well done!   Scriberia-4_cropped    If you’d like to keep posting over the summer holiday please do! News is changes quickly and all journalists have to stay informed. That means reading, watching and listening to the news as much as you can. Here are some good links for you to read the news, click on the name of the news website. THE DAY BBC NEWSROUND TIME FOR KIDS If you want to catch Newsround, it is on the CBBC channel every Monday to Friday at 7.40am, 8.15am and 4.20pm and at the weekends you can watch it at 8.55am, 11.55am and 1.55pm. If you would like to discuss a news story on the blog please write a post, remember to copy and paste a link to the news story or write a description of the the story. We look forward to reading your posts! To those of you leaving us this year we wish you all the best at your secondary schools and hope to be hearing from you soon. Have a great summer!    The Economist Educational Team.

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